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Accessories  |  Adhesives/Lubricants
GOO - 1 oz. tube GOO - 1 oz. tube
All Purpose Adhesive
*Waterproof - tough - flexible
*Easy to use contact cement
*Works with all types of metals
*Also works on wood, ceramics, leather, fabrics and glass
PRICE: $4.25

Kadee Greas-em Lubricant Tube Kadee Greas-em Lubricant Tube
Powdered Graphite
PRICE: $2.25

XL Gear Lubricant XL Gear Lubricant
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL Gear Lubricant
a true gear oil
PRICE: $4.99

XL Heavy Lubricant XL Heavy Lubricant
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL Heavy Lubricant
for use on HO and larger motor bearings, loco valve gear linkage, etc.
PRICE: $4.99

XL Medium Lubricant XL Medium Lubricant
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL Medium Lubricant
for use on larger railroad motor wicks
PRICE: $5.29

XL NLGI 1 Grease XL NLGI 1 Grease
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL NLGI 1 Grease
multi-purpose grease
PRICE: $5.29

XL NLGI 2 Grease XL NLGI 2 Grease
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL NLGI 2 Grease
a tacky, water resistant lube
PRICE: $5.29

XL PTFE Powder Lubricant XL PTFE Powder Lubricant
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL PTFE Lubricant
for use on all model railroad motive power
PRICE: $4.99

XL Ultra-lite Lubricant XL Ultra-lite Lubricant
(1-pk) 1/2 oz. XL Ultralite Lubricant
for use on N and Z model railroad motive power
PRICE: $4.29


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